Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Community Research Starts

Participatory research on A Journey with 'The Waste Land' has started!

After initial conversations with different members of the community to test out interest and think about what a structure for the project might look like, through word of mouth and an open call, over 120 people have volunteered to work with Turner Contemporary in some way on developing the exhibition.

The project seems to have captured the imagination of so many people both locally and further afield and the interests and capacity of participants going forward make it an incredibly exciting venture.

In the biggest introductory event so far 67 people met outside Turner Contemporary to walk across Margate Sands from the gallery to read the poem out loud and discuss it at the Nayland Rock Shelter, where T.S Eliot wrote a section of the poem in 1921.

Most people present had an interest in art and literature but lots of people weren't familiar with the poem, so going forward there will be more events to help people engage directly with the text.

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