Thursday, 24 September 2015

Community World Cafe

To introduce local organisations and community interest groups to the developing project, a world cafe took place on the 23rd September, focused on exploring some of the central issues underpinning A Journey with 'The Waste Land'.

The event was a hands on and immersive session. Questions focused on testing out what should be in the exhibition, how best to engage with different types of material and how decision making could be approached. There was a particular focus on teasing out the difference between an exhibition about the poem and an exhibition about visual responses to the poem, and thinking about the connection between text and image.

Moving forward, a series of events for those delving into the research process are happening this autumn to trigger the process of getting acquainted with the poem and each other. There will also be more events to share practice, research and discoveries and shape the overall direction of the project going forward.

From initial conversations a number of areas of interest are already emerging, including the imagery of water in the poem, Margate in 1921-22, women and women's voices in the poem, sound 'music' and the spoken word, mental health and new technology.

It was exciting to start the process of talking with other groups and organisations about what might start to develop in parallel, e.g. music, small exhibitions of work, performances, community events, readings and to keep in touch about options and developments.

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